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EZgoma® – Full Maxilla Reconstruction using Zygomatic and Pterygoid Implants

clinical case
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Live Surgery Session performed by Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Pawel Schwartzmann
🏆 “The future begins now!”

Dear colleagues, this video gives you an insight into the method I used for full-arch immediate restorations in the upper jaw with desolate tooth status and pronounced alveolar ridge atrophy. Probably the biggest advantage of this method is: The supposedly hopeless patient leaves the surgery with a fixed provisional denture.

The surgery is planned and performed in collaboration with Noris Medical – Dental Implant Solutions. In my opinion, Noris Medical is the company that has the most expertise in the field of special implants (zygomatic, pterygoid, trans sinus and trans nasal implants) and in the field of navigated implantology.

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clinical case
A 48-year-old male presented with recurring and persistent swelling in the upper left region, previously treated with antibiotics. Examination revealed a 10-year-old failed upper left rehabilitation, extensive periapical processes, and...