Dental Centar Dubravica
+385 22 444 796
Poliklinika Dubravica d.o.o. | Magistrala 59 | 22211 Vodice, Croatia
DENTAL CENTAR DUBRAVICA is a private, specialized dental clinic with highly motivated and experienced staff. In DCD, we work on continuing education of our staff and we invest in the latest technology and high qualty materials. We offer all stomatologic services at one place, from the simplest to oral surgical and implantologic ones. Thanks to our reliable expert team we’re taking care of your welfare, health and aesthetics. Reasonable prices and top dental services are the great combination for our patients. A long term guarantee for our services obliges us to offeronly the best value with the highest standards of stomatology diagnostics and therapy. Fear is a foreign word in our centre as we have a doctor anesthesiologist and the possibility of safe sedation. Because of the pleasant ambience and friendly atmosphere even children like to visit us. To our patients who live outside of Croatia we offer free accommodation and transfers from the airports Split or Zadar.
Dr. med. dent. Ivica Dubravica

Dr. Dubravica and his dedicated team are committed to delivering exceptional dental care to all our patients, ensuring they leave with a beautiful, healthy, and confident smile. Our approach combines extensive knowledge with cutting-edge technologies to develop an individual approach to each patient’s unique lifestyle.

We specialize in zygomatic implants, offering a solution for patients with insufficient bone structure who may not be suitable candidates for traditional implants. Utilizing state-of-the-art digital methods and our in-house dental laboratory equipped with the latest 3D printers and CNC machines, we meticulously craft every dental work to perfection. Our meticulous planning minimizes surprises, ensuring a smooth treatment journey for every patient.

One aspect of our service we take pride in is the utmost safety we maintain during surgical procedures. Our fully equipped operating rooms adhere to cleanroom technology standards, guaranteeing sterile environments with pristine air quality.

Nestled along the picturesque coast of the Adriatic Sea, Dental Centre Dubravica was visited until now by patients from over 72 countries worldwide. We extend our invitation to anyone seeking expert dental care while enjoying the beauty of our country. Our highly educated team is dedicated to providing you with the pleasure of a healthy, happy, and radiant smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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Poliklinika Dubravica d.o.o. | Magistrala 59 | 22211 Vodice, Croatia

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