The Salud Dental Blanco clinic
915 091 329 / 648 633 424
Clínica Carabanchel Alto Calle del Sitio de el Escorial, 1 28044 – Madrid | 91 469 17 03
Clínica Carabanchel Bajo Calle de Antonio de Leyva, 6, 28019 Madrid | 91 509 13 29
The Salud Dental Blanco clinic is known for having a team specialized in cortical implants and zygomatic implants. It is also a pioneer in the Dr. Blanco technique, which is based on providing fixed tooth implants without bone grafting. The Salud Dental Blanco clinic offers cutting-edge technology and treatments to make their patients feel more comfortable with their smiles.
Dr. Gregorio Comino Blanco

Dr. Gregorio Comino Blanco is a dental surgeon and specialist in cortical implants. He has extensive experience in dental implants, has attended several congresses, and has obtained different degrees in the area of implant dentistry. In addition, Dr. Blanco is the founder of the Salud Dental Blanco clinic in Madrid.

Dr. Gregorio Comino Blanco

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Clínica Carabanchel Alto Calle del Sitio de el Escorial, 1 28044 – Madrid | 91 469 17 03

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