Birshan Dental Clinic
+97252-2759861 / +97236025803
Sderot Nordau 89/1, Tel Aviv, Israel
Multidisciplinary clinic located in Tel Aviv. All the facilities are located in-house including head ct for zygomas and high end 3d scanner . The patient is provided with screw retained temporary bridge within 24 hours
Dr Shlomo Birshan

Dr Birshan completed his DMD degree at Tel Aviv University with honors in 1998. He received his Hypnosis license in 1998 and his license to perform dental treatments under general anesthesia in 2005 from the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Dr Birshan has won various awards during his career such as IADR Young Dentist’s Award in Vancouver, Canada in 1999 for presenting his DMD Thesis. He is a diplomate of the ICOI, expert in oral implantology  from the DGOI.  He has presented various lectures as well as complex cases , including live surgeries on worldwide  congresses.  Dr Birshan is a Clinical Instructor for Noris Medical . Dr Birshan has a multidisciplinary private practice and operating room where he performs dental implantations, ancillary procedures, complex augmentations and rehabilitation.

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Sderot Nordau 89/1, Tel Aviv, Israel

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