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Treatment of severe atrophic maxilla with zygomatic implants: a case series

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Treatment of severe maxillary atrophy with implants has achieved important successes in recent years. The limit of implant insertion is related to inadequate bone quantity (i.e. height and width). Alveolar bone grafting, sinus lifting and major grafting via Le Fort I osteotomy have used in the past to restore bone volume prior of implant insertion. However successes do not always occur and a second stage surgery is necessary in most cases. Immediate loading cannot be performed in all grafted bone. In recent years a new treatment approach has been proposed by using zygomatic implants. This new technique can provide a better stability to the prosthesis and less morbidity for patient. Here a cases series of eighteen patients rehabilitated with zygomatic together with standard implants and immediate loading is reported. 

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Written by Francesco Grecchi a, Emma Grecchi b, Massimo Del Fabbro a, b, Funda Goker b, *
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Written by Dr Pietro Salvatori, Dr Antonio Mincione, Dr Lucio Rizzi, Dr Fabrizio Costantini, Dr lessandro Bianchi, Dr Emma Grecchi, Dr Umberto Garagiola and Dr Francesco Grecchi
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